Best places to eat in Civitavecchia: seafood and local cuisine

Best places to eat in Civitavecchia

Best places to eat in Civitavecchia: seafood and local cuisine

Best places to eat in Civitavecchia: read this article to eat in the best restaurant in Civitavecchia. Visit Cab Roma and enjoy your Italy Trip!

If you have left the cruise ship and want to eat well while waiting for transfer from civitavecchia port to rome we recommend these place


1. Restaurant “80 fame”

One of the best places to eat in Civitavecchia is “80 fame” (Piazza Saffi 6, for dinner only, on Sunday also for lunch, closed on Tuesday, wheelchair facilities). The restaurant is located in one of the most famous squares in Civitavecchia, form where you can see the “Torretta”, the entrance of the ancient walls which surrounded the town, and the “chiesa della Morte”, the oldest church in Civitavecchia. Here you can taste local dishes cooked in an original way and find a good wine list. The specialities of the restaurant are meat (Florentine and Aberdeen-Angus steaks), homemade desserts e hand made pasta.


2. Restaurant “Alta Marea”

If you prefer seafood, then one of the best places to eat it in Civitavecchia is “Alta marea” (Largo Galli, 8, wheelchair facilities). The restaurant is located along the beautiful seafront promenade which starts from the port, with a terrace with a sea view where you can taste grilled seafood, shellfish, hand made pasta and homemade desserts.


3. Restaurant “Piccadilly”

One of best places to eat in Civitavecchia is also “Ristorante Piccadilly” (Via Garibaldi 34, inside San Giorgio Hotel, wheelchair facilities) that is surely the right choice if you are looking for an elegant and romantic place, with an excellent wine list and a professional waiting staff. Sea facing terraces in late 19th century style, two dining rooms with views of the sea and a traditional cuisine with international inflections, to meet the habits of cruise passengers that usually come in Civitavecchia. The restaurant offers gluten free, vegan and vegetarian dishes, too.


4. Wine Bar “Fuoco di Bacco”

If you want to drink an excellent glass of wine while tasting some of the local cheeses and a selection of cold cuts, one of the best places to eat them in Civitavecchia is the wine bar “Fuoco di Bacco” (Via Traiana 70, behind the Traiano theatre).


5. Pizzeria del Ghetto

Among the best places to eat and drink in Civitavecchia there must be pizzerias. A legendary one in town, much loved by the locals, is “Pizzeria del ghetto” (Via Cadorna 17, wheelchair facilities), very informal and cheap, where you can eat only two kinds of pizza (Margherita and Marinara) cut up with scissors and served on a piece of paper.


6. Pizzeria O Vesuvio Di Noto Gennaro

Alternatively, you can choose “Pizzeria O Vesuvio Di Noto Gennaro” (Via Antonini 10, for dinner only, closed on Monday, wheelchair facilities) where you can eat a true Neapolitan pizza, high and soft, with buffalo mozzarella on top.


7.  Bar “Chalet del Pincio”

However, the best places to eat in Civitavecchia are not only restaurants but also bars. If you are just arrived with your cruise ship, at only 300 m from the port, you’ll find the legendary bar “Chalet del Pincio” (Via Buonarroti 3) where you can eat the best ice-cream in Civitavecchia and taste the typical “maritozzo”, a sweet bread with whipped cream inside.


8. Danilo Bar Pasticceria Gelateria

If your cruise ship arrived in the morning and you need breakfast, outside the port shuttles terminal you’ll find “Danilo Bar Pasticceria Gelateria” (Corso Marconi 40) where you can sit at the tables outside eating a pastry and drinking an Italian cappuccino while watching people pass by.