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Cruise Ship Day Tours

Explore Rome your way from your cruise


Civitavecchia - Rome – Civitavecchia Tour ( 7 hours)

The Civitavecchia – Rome – Civitavecchia tour allows you to enjoy the capital for a few hours and get back on the ship in time for you departure.

Our Chauffeured Limousine service is designed to meet your needs and make your short stay in Rome pleasant.

Traveling by public transport can be very stressful, moreover there is the risk of not being able to return for the cruise departure time.

With Cab Roma you can relax and enjoy the Roman beauties, thanks to the day tour, which includes the transfer from Civitavecchia Port to Rome and a customizable itinerary to appreciate the highlights of the city.

You can save time thanks to the car tour with pickup directly at the port. You will not have to worry about anything, not even about schedules and connections, our driver will take care of everything and will be at your disposal for every trip.

You can rent your private car with driver directly online and book the tour in Rome, the car will pick you up at the Port of Civitavecchia at the requested time and will and will take you back to the ship at the end of your tour.

For those traveling on a cruise Limousine service is the best option to enjoy a few hours in Rome for the time the ship is in the port.

Discover Rome in one day – The Tour

The one-day tour in Rome includes a fully day in the city to visit the main monuments and attractions.

It starts with the transfer from the port of Civitavecchia, then the tour begins. The duration of the tour is approximately 7/8 hours including transfers.

How the private tour in Rome takes place

Cab Roma has thought of a tour to discover all the main Roman beauties not to be missed for those passing through. Is it possible to visit Rome in one day? With our Limousine service you can do it.

The Tour includes a visit to the main monuments and sites of the city:

  • Roman Forum
  • Spanish steps
  • Venice Square
  • Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon
  • Navona Square
  • Palatine hill
  • Vatican

We can personalize the Tour according to your needs whenever possible. Tickets for the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Vatican are not included in the tour, but you can buy them here:

  • Buy tickets for Vatican museums
  • Buy tickets for Colosseum, Roman Forum – Palatine hill

We suggest to buy tickets for the Vatican by 2:00 pm and those for the Colosseum by 10:00 am. In any case buy your tickets in advance. Please take advice that usually there are massive queues to enter these areas and it may take hours to enter.

We recommend that you visit these places from outside in order to complete all the steps of the tour in the day

Note: Appropriate clothing must be worn in the Vatican. Knees and shoulders must be covered. Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are closed on Sundays, except the last of each month.

It is possible to ask for variations: for example, if you prefer to visit the Vatican City first and then the rest, you can specify this while booking. We can personalize the Tour according to your needs whenever possible. Some areas have limited access times which we will take into account in organizing the tour

Transfer timetables from Civitavecchia Port - Rome –Civitavecchia Port

Our Chauffeured Limousine service is at your disposal at any time. While booking your tour you can indicate the arrival time of the cruise at Civitavecchia Port and the departure time.

Cab Roma undertakes to offer a professional and quality private transport service, in compliance with the times indicated by the customer.

One day Rome Tour timetable

The tour lasts 7 hours including transfers, the guide service is available as a paid option.

The Tour in Rome can also be personalized according to your time requirements, taking into account the arrival times of your cruise in Civitavecchia Port and the departure time.

The price includes the transfer from Civitavecchia Port to Rome and from Rome and back to Civitavecchia Port. Ask us for more information.

Transfer  Civitavecchia Port – Rome – Civitavecchia Port - Private tour in Rome  - Useful information

Cab Roma offers a wide variety of solutions, on request and for a fee we provide luxury cars for any transport need, all equipped an comfortable, book the one that suits you best. Car driver speaks English but is not a tour guide.

Cash payments to the driver,  advance payments by credit card and other online payment methods are accepted.

We provide continuous assistance via WhatsApp, you can contact us at any time to request information or communicate last-minute changes.

   Do you want to enjoy the beauties of Rome without stress? Book your tour now.


Start from 449 for 2 people!

  what is your cancellation policy?

You can change or cancel your reservation within 24 hours before the service.
You can contact us by e-mail, facebook, whatsapp, or phone.

  How can I contact the customer support?

You can contact us through the official channels of the page.

  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you can select it during booking with a 3% surcharge.

  Where do I find the driver at the port?

You’ll find your driver holding a sign with your name under the ship

  How long does it take from Civitavecchia to the center of Rome?

It takes about 60 minutes.

  Drivers speak English?

Yes, our drivers speak English, but they are not guides.

  Can you get under the ship?

Yes, all our drivers have the necessary permits to enter the port.

  How long does it take to get out of the ship?

Disembarkation times are usually assigned in relation to the bridge where the cabin is located. The higher the bridge the earlier the landing. However, if you have an air or railway ticket, therefore an urgent condition, it is sufficient to communicate  will give priority to disembark.