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Main informations:

  1. Make sure to have your cellphone turned on at the time of the pick-up, so ypu can be traced.
  2. Are you late? We will wait for you or we will look for the best solution for you, contact the emergency number only via whatsapp +39 3287371046
  3. After booking you will receive an e-mail with all the reference data of your service, you can check that everything is correct and then confirm the booking.
  4. To confirm your booking you will be sent to a dedicated page, where you can also enter personal notes, after your confirmation you will receive an e-mail with the booking voucher.
  5. Make sure you give enough time to reach your destination. Our estimate does not take into account traffic conditions or unpredictable circumstances, or your travel requirements (e.g. the time required to check in at the airport before take-off).
  6. Read the pick-up instructions carefully. In case you have problems, do not hesitate to call.
  7. Confirm your destination with the driver before leaving.
  8. Rate us and help us provide a better service.

1 Field of application

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Carriage apply to the reservation and performance phase of the passenger transport services offered by CABROMA and falling within the scope of the rental services with driver.

2 Contracting party

2.1 Contracting Party for travel reservations

The contracting party for the phase of the reservation of the service is CABROMA

2.2 Contracting Party for passenger transport

 CABROMA cooperate with other rental companies with drivers, with the same standards of quality and efficiency and can use them for the performance of the services for which it deems appropriate. Therefore the contracting party for the contract of carriage is the single chauffeur affiliate CABROMA that from time to time will be assigned the reservation of the service. These general terms and conditions are, however, also applicable exclusively to individual drivers.

3 Right of carriage

3.1 The right of carriage shall arise as a result of the conclusion of a transport contract. The contract is concluded when the customer receives the booking confirmation voucher by e-mail.

3.2 The booking confirmation gives the passenger the right to travel from the place of departure to the place of destination indicated on the voucher.

3.3 In case of reservations made in a vehicle with a chauffeur, the obligation of transport exists only where the customer provides to formalize the relative demand through the sending of the e-mail or whatsapp to the n. +39 3287371046

4 Tickets, Transport expenses

4.1   The booking confirmation is a travel document, in paper format or shown in electronic format (PDF file). If a reservation is made in the vehicle, the written or printed receipt will serve as both a receipt and a confirmation of the booking.

4.2 Purchase tickets online:

4.2.1 The representation of the products, accessible through the internet and through the app for smart-phone, will not constitute a legally binding offer, but is intended as a non-binding online catalogue that invites the potential traveller to submit a request. The ticket is issued per passenger and ride.

The confirmation of receipt of the order is issued immediately, when the order is sent, through an automatic confirmation e-mail. The transport contract is deemed to be concluded once CABROMA accepts the order by issuing the confirmation voucher. Such confirmation of acceptance may be issued by the automatic confirmation e-mail or separately at a later stage.

4.2.2 Current technology cannot ensure that data communication via the internet is error-free and/or permanently accessible. It is not possible to develop and manage computer programs (software) and data processing systems (hardware), which exclude all the unpredictable factors that may occur in conjunction with the use of the 'internet' medium. Consequently, CABROMA does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability of its website and technical systems. In particular, the technical features of the internet do not allow to guarantee the constant availability of online booking.

If the reservation has not worked and is invalidated, by technical problems, for the possible buyer, there is no right to obtain the issue of the voucher at the price fixed in advance of the computer problem.


5 Payment and voucher

5.1 Payment can be made with different methods, depending on the type of booking:

  • Online: PayPal, direct debit on C/C, credit card (Mastercard/Visa/Amex). During any booking, CABROMA reserves the right to exclude certain types of payment and to invite customers to use other payment methods;
  • Directly to the driver, in cash or by credit card and/or ATM (Mastercard/Visa/Amex).

5.2 Special conditions in case of payment by direct debit and credit card:

5.2.1 credit card purchases In case of credit card purchases, the debit is made to the customer’s account when the reservation has been completed. By making a credit card payment, the customer requires his credit institution, at the time of booking, to disclose to CABROMA or one of its authorised third parties, its full name and address in the event of a chargeback, in order to allow CABROMA to make claims against it. The traveller is obliged to honour the bank charges incurred in case of chargeback connected with a payment made by credit card. Cancellation fees may apply. Following an unsuccessful reminder from CABROMA, the complaint will be transferred to an external service provider for further processing. To this end, CABROMA may forward all personal data of the debtor to that external service provider.

6 Cancellation policy and no show

6.1. In the event of a cancelled or lost flight, the client is obliged to give notice of the flight with a minimum notice of 90 minutes, by e-mail, text message or whatsapp to the number 0039 3287371046. Failure to give notice shall result in the termination of the contract of carriage and consequently deprives the customer of the right to have the car available. In any case, a penalty of 50% of the agreed rate will be applied.

6.6. The customer can cancel the service booking without penalty by sending an e-mail within 24 hours  before the time for which the pick up was scheduled.

Cancellations received after 24 hours before the start of the service will be charged 100% of the amount of the service.

6.8.  In case of no show, that is for the hypothesis in which the customer book the service but is not found at the time of the pick-up established without a prior cancellation of the reservation made, CABROMA will charge 100% of the amount of the service booked.

7 Time schedule for shared services

7.1. For Private Transfer services from the airports of Fiumicino or Ciampino thanks to the flight number you provided during the booking process we can monitor and adjust the pick-up time in case of delay. At the time of landing the driver waits 60 minutes, beyond this limit, will be charged to the customer an extra waiting amount of 30€ for each hour or fraction.

7.2. For shared transfer services from the airports of Fiumicino or Ciampino the driver will wait 25 minutes beyond the reserved time. In case of further delay the customer is obliged to call the emergency number to notify. The office will find a place in the shuttle service/next time. (7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m - 9:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

7.3. If your flight arrives at the airport at 12:00 p.m. SHARED service is not valid, you will be charged the price of Private service. 12:00 p.m. is the last departure available of the Shuttle minivan.

7.4.  For shared transfer services from Civitavecchia, the driver will wait 20 minutes beyond the reserved time. The service provides fixed departure times. 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m - 8:30 a.m - 9:00 a.m - 9:30 a.m.

7.5. For the shared transfer services from Rome we advise that the timetable may change by 15/30 minutes in advance or postpone depending on the pick-up lap of the other passengers.

7.6. The company reserves for shared services (shared-shuttle) the right to make changes to schedules, for reasons inherent in the organization of the transport service. The change of the time will be notified to the customer at least 3 hours prior to the set time.  Changes to the timetable after the conclusion of the contract give the customer the right to cancel the reservation free of charge or to change the details, for example by choosing a different type of service (private service instead of shared).


8. Start of the journey

8.1 The customer is obliged to show up on time at the place where the pick-up is set. The driver is obliged to tolerate a wait of 20 minutes, after which to the price of the transport service will be added an extra waiting amount of 30€ for each hour or fraction.

 8.2 In case of absence of the client at the place and time of departure of the booked trip, the contract of carriage shall be deemed to have been terminated and, if an advance payment has been made to CABROMA, they shall be entitled to hold the sums paid, applying in this case the policy of “no show” (see Point 6).

8.3 If the traveller has been informed by SMS, e-mail or other form of a delay in the pick-up, the right to transport in case of absence of the passenger shall expire only with effect from the departure time indicated in the SMS or e-mail.

9 General obligations of the traveller

9.1 The traveller shall be obliged to comply with the instructions given by the drivers.

9.2 The driver shall be entitled not to allow passengers on board who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances or who otherwise may compromise safety or for other reasons or cause a disturbance. In such cases, there are no alternative transport rights.

On board the vehicles it is not possible to:

  1. smoke. This ban also extends to electronic cigarettes,
  2. throw objects from vehicles both stationary and moving;
  3. soiling or damaging the vehicle;
  4. require the transport to be made in violation of the safety and behaviour rules of the current Highway Code.

9.4 The traveller is responsible for damage caused to passenger cars.

9.5 The traveller who dirty and smears the cars, willfully or through serious negligence, is obliged to pay to CABROMA a cleaning fee of €60,00.

9.6 All passengers are obliged to use seat belts.

10 Minors

10.1 Children between 0 and 3 years of age may only be transported in approved safety seats. During the journey, these seats must be secured, at two points, with the safety belts on the vehicles.

10.2 Minors under 10 years of age may only be accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age.

10.3 Minors between 10 and 14 years of age may travel alone on condition that a parent or legal guardian has confirmed in writing that the minor is able to travel without the need to be accompanied and without surveillance. CABROMA undertakes no obligation to supervise the child.

10.4 Minors over 15 years of age can travel alone.

11 People with disabilities or reduced mobility

11.1 CABROMA guarantees the transport of all passengers, whether disabled or limited in mobility.

11.2 In order to ensure the feasibility of transporting the person with disabilitiy or reduced mobility, the passenger should communicate his or her needs at the time of booking the service.

11.3. In order to ensure the provision of the guide dog transport service, the passenger must inform of his or her needs at least 36 hours before the service is provided.

11.4 The disabled traveller or person with reduced mobility shall be entitled, subject to payment of the supplement, to his folding wheelchair or other mobility aid in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. To ensure that transport is possible, the passenger must communicate the exact construction characteristics and dimensions of the wheelchair or other equipment within 48 hours of departure.

12 Carriage of baggage

12.1 Baggage:

12.1.1 The amount of baggage included in the fare is limited to 2 pieces of baggage per traveller with maximum dimensions of 67 x 50 x 27 cm each. Each traveller can carry a maximum of 30 kg of travel baggage free of charge. Luggage and bags are considered as baggage. Additional baggage may be transported at a surcharge of €5.

12.1.2 The customer must mark his luggage with name and address, to allow the correct allocation and return of the same and, in particular, to avoid possible exchanges.

12.2 Special baggage:

12.2.1 The so-called special baggage requires prior registration by the traveller and confirmation by CABROMA. The carriage of special baggage is subject to a surcharge.

12.2.2 Any item exceeding the size of the standard travel baggage shall be considered as special baggage. The combined dimensions of special baggage shall not exceed 290 cm. The combined dimensions shall be calculated as follows: Longer side of the luggage in cm + twice the side of the width in cm + twice the side of the depth in cm. In addition, the special luggage cannot exceed the maximum weight of 30 kg.

12.2.3 The carriage of special baggage is limited to 1 item per traveller.

12.2.4 Decor items, furniture or parts thereof, electronic devices, surfboards, bicycles are excluded from transport. Flammable and explosive material.

12.3 Strollers:

12.3.1 Strollers must be carried as special baggage (maximum 1 stroller per passenger). Strollers must be foldable. Non-folding strollers will not be transported.  The communication of the need to carry a stroller must be made when booking the service. Failing this, CABROMA reserves the right not to provide transport.

12.3.2 Strollers are transported free of charge.

12.4 There is no insurance cover for forgotten or abandoned items on cars. Any objects left on board of the cars and claimed by the legitimate owners will be returned upon payment of the transfer from the remittance of the car to the place of destination where the owner of the object is located.

13 Transport of animals

13.1 The transport of dogs and other animals on board is allowed upon request and only in the private service.

13.2 For accompanying persons and guide dogs for the blind, the provisions set out in point 1.1 shall apply.

14 Responsibilities

14.1 In the event of slight negligence, liability shall be assumed, except in cases of death or injury to the body or health, only in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations. Unlimited liability for intent and gross negligence continues to apply.

14.2 Liability for collateral damage is excluded in cases of ordinary negligence. This does not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence resulting in death and injury to the body or health.

14.3 Liability and compensation for damage to baggage are limited as follows:

14.3.1 In the case of damage to or loss of luggage resulting from an accident involving the car, compensation for damage per passenger and in respect of all baggage carried by the passenger shall be limited to €100,00.

14.3.2 Liability shall be excluded in the event of loss of luggage not connected with the accident involving the passenger car and in the event of exchange or theft of the same.

14.3.3 Liability for damage or further damage resulting from the inadequate preparation of luggage by passengers is excluded.

15 General Conditions of Carriage

In addition to these "Special Conditions of Carriage", the general rules of the Civil Code as well as the rules relating to the non-scheduled public transport sector in Italy shall apply to the extent not expressly derogated.

16 Competent court

Any dispute concerning the activities of CABROMA will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

Updated to 1.1.2022

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