Transfer from Ciampino airport to Civitavecchia port

Ciampino Airport Civitavecchia Port

Transfer from Ciampino airport to Civitavecchia port

Ciampino to Civitavecchia: Cab Roma is the best car service in Rome. Book now your prenotation and enjoy your Italy vacations!

Frequent travellers know it is always best to arrange all trips before leaving: so make sure to book also your trip from Ciampino to Civitavecchia by choosing Cab Roma transportation services.

If you are flying to Ciampino Airport to embark on a cruise ship for the Mediterranean Sea, then you need to reach the port. Cab Roma is the shuttle service that can quickly and easily take you from Ciampino to Civitavecchia port.

We can ensure the best possible trip experience: our team knows the schedules of your flight/cruise and will get you there in time. Book now your private driver from Ciampino to Civitavecchia online or sending an email: our team is there to answer your call 24 hours a day.

Just fill out the form below, sit back and relax, we’ll do the rest!

  How long does it take from Ciampino Airport to Civitavecchia Port?


It takes about 80 minutes.

  Is the price per passenger?

No! The price is always total!

  How do I choose the pick-up time?

If you have to leave the airport, always indicate the flight number, our driver will monitor the flight and be there for the time of your landing. If you have to go to the airport the pick-up must be at least 3 hours before.

  Where do I find the driver at the airport?

You will find your driver, after picking up your luggage inside the terminal, holding a sign with your name.

  How do I know if my car has arrived and how do I contact the driver?

One day before your arrival you will receive an e-mail with the name and telephone number of your driver. You can contact him for any eventuality. Drivers are always on time

  Can you get under the ship?


Yes, all our drivers have the necessary permits to enter the port.

  What happens if the flight is either early or late?

Our drivers follow your flight and will be waiting for you when you arrive.

  How many bags per person?

Two bags per person, one large and one small. Extra charge is 5 euros per bag.

  How much is a transfer with you?

Fill out the form here at the bottom of the page and you will know the price dedicated to you. if you have special requests, contact us!